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An update on what’s happening so far…

How’s everyone coping during Lockdown?

I think I can safely say, if you’d asked any of us at the beginning of the year, how this year would pan out, I don’t think any of us would have believed you! Schools closed, retail halted, orders to stay at home and horrific, sad daily death totals.

Whilst we’ve tried to communicate as openly as possible via social media, we thought it best to pop you an email to let you know how things have progressed for us, and how they should hopefully continue to progress in the coming weeks.


All those weeks ago in March, when the lockdown came into force, we had little choice but to temporarily close the shop, and disband all on-site appointments immediately. As a small business, we’ve worked hard to keep those doors open, and so when we closed like that, we really felt it, and our hearts have truly gone out to all other small business owners.

As a key-industry, and now knowing that your tech was now more important to you than ever, our workshop remained open with a limited amount of staff. We implemented a doorstep Collect & Repair service, and in the weeks to come, we launched our Collect-IT lockers, so you are able to both drop-off and collect your tech from us in a safe and completely contact-free form. The lockers have proven a popular method of contact-free drop offs and collections, and so we plan to keep this system running.

If you’ve not had chance to use the service yet, this is how it works:

  • Come on into the foyer through the big orange doors and push the button.
  • If you’re collecting tech, we’ll have already spoken to you to arrange collection. Just let our team member know your information, and we’ll pop open a locker door for you to be able to take your item!
  • If you’re dropping off your tech and have a pre-arranged drop-off with us, press the button to speak to a team member who will let you know which locker to put your tech in – just pop it in and close the door!
  • If you’re not pre-booked, we can book you in via our intercom system and you can leave your tech safely in an allocated locker.

How we’re moving forward…

On Monday the 15th of June, we’re looking to very cautiously, re-open the shop to our lovely customers.

As you’d expect, the Perspex screens are in and the procedures with us will be very similar to those that you’ve become accustomed to:

One At A Time

We will be operating a One in at a Time policy. As we don’t have a great amount of floor space, we would prefer that only one person is in the shop with us at any one time, however, we do know that some people may come in with their significant other or a member of their family, and so in that case, we would accept that if it cannot be avoided.

Two Meter Distances

We do have an obligation to protect both customers and staff, and so we would kindly request that the two-meter rule is observed within the shop at all times.
Unfortunately, because of this, we’re unable to do some of things we would normally be happy to do, such as counter tutorials. We really hate not being able to help there and then, however we need to make sure everybody stays safe, and so right now, these are just not possible.

Contactless / Card Payment

For the time being, we would request all payments are made via credit or debit card, and we would encourage contactless payments for purchases which fall under the new £45 limit.

Collect-IT Lockers

As our Collect-IT lockers have proven popular, we intend to keep these running alongside our usual shop facility, and so if you’re trying to minimise contact and would prefer to have a completely contact-free experience, this shall be available for you.

On-Site Appointments

We’re still working on the best way to safely implement our on-site / in home repairs, and so currently these appointments are not available, however, please feel free to contact us with any queries. We are able to offer remote support for many issues (so we don’t need to come out to you, we can just dial into your PC) , we will also still be operating our Collect & Repair service. Whilst we realise that it isn’t possible for all problems, for the foreseeable future, if it’s an issue which can be repaired in our repair centre, then this would be the preferred option both for you, and for the safety of our staff.

Thank you!

We really wanted to take this chance to extend to you all a huge and heartfelt ‘Thank You’

We are learning, as we all are. We are adapting, we’re trying to grow, and we’re working really hard. We’re trying to do everything we can to ensure we’re continuing to be here for you throughout all of this, but the reality is, we can’t do it without you – our customers.

We are so grateful for your continued custom and support, and we’re doing everything we can to try and pay it forward, and support other small, local businesses where we can.

We’ve heard it a thousand times, these are unprecedented times, but you have been fantastic and supportive and for that we are eternally grateful. Thanks for your understanding and patience throughout whilst we all find our feet.

Team Home Fix



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