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When the unthinkable happens to your devices, the first thought that comes to mind is
“Did I back up my data?”

The truth is, most people do not have any of their important files saved somewhere else other than on their hard disk. It is always important to ensure that your information is backed up; whether it be the data on your phone, your computer or your desktop. Backing up your photos, documents and any other important user-created files can be crucial, especially when your computer breaks at the worst possible moment and your data is irrecoverable, as rather than panic or cry, you will be relieved to know that you have a backup of all your treasured files.


How to backup

Backing up your files can be relatively easy and there are numerous ways you can back it up. Backing up your files to the “cloud” is becoming the norm now, as it means the data is backed up to a secure, external location – so in the event of a fire, flood or theft, that data is away from your machine and completely safe. With doing cloud based back up, it means your data is easy for you to access and retrieve (should you need to) on any device once you get through the security.
Still on cloud backup, the same also applies to phones and tablets too, with services such as iCloud, GoogleDrive and DropBox allowing you to set up automatic backup procedures to ensure your data is safe. So if your iPhone does fall into the bath, there’s no need to fear – your precious photos are all saved to the cloud!

Another way of backing up is to put all of your important information onto an external Hard Drive. This is a process which can be set up manually or various software packages allow for automatic backups to be set, and people tend to like the idea of using an external hard drive as they have a physical back up they can touch rather than backing up to the cloud. That said though, it does come at a price should there be a fire/flood/theft, as ultimately, it’s likely the external hard drive will be somewhere near to your computer – so your data isn’t safe in that scenario, but for covering yourself against hard disk failure of your computer or a virus infection, an external drive is a reasonable thing to use. External Hard Drives come in a different range of prices and sizes and are generally more cost effective for large volumes of data (200GB+), so there’s always something to suit the number of files that you have!

Backup Matters

However, you do it, frequent backing up is something that everyone should try to remember to do; a couple minutes of backing up your files will save you a lot of heartache when it comes to breaking/losing a device. Even if you never break your devices, it is good to do so just in case the fatal moment occurs – a backup is almost like an insurance policy for your data.

Weve also had customers say to us a number of times in the past that they don’t need to back up their data as they’re not a business. Wrong! A home user can have their family’s memories stashed on their computer; photos of their children growing up, memories of deceased relatives and copies of important documents you may have filed away. Basically, if it’s something that only you have and can’t just be re-downloaded or copied again, then it’s something you should have backed up before you discover it’s irretrievable.

It’s also worth mentioning too that some people believe data can be recovered no matter what – even from a failed hard disk – and that us Tech Geniuses can get anything back – but it’s not always the case. We’ll always try our best, and if we can’t get it back then there are data recovery specialists who have specialist labs who will also have a stab at recovering it too, but sometimes it’s just physically impossible. Lab-based data recovery isn’t cheap either; we’ve seen customers get quotes in the past for anything from £200 up to crazy amounts like £10,000 – so it‘s always worth knowing how much your data is worth and that you wouldn’t pay to get it back in that situation, otherwise a backup is imperative!

Data can be very crucial and important, why wouldn’t you have a copy for those unseen disasters?

We can get a backup solution set up for you

We offer a cloud-based backup solution aimed at Home Users which can cost as little as £4.99 per month, so can you afford to not have that piece of mind?

If you’re a business user, we also offer an industry-leading backup service with enterprise grade features, charged on a per GB basis, so please speak to us if you want your business-critical data backed up.

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