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Did you – like us – ever have the pleasure of speaking to one of the “Microsoft Tech Support” scammers who call you out of the blue to tell you there’s an issue with your computer but not to worry, they’ll help you get it fixed for some ludicrous amount of your hard earned cash?

The below video footage made headlines a few weeks ago, when a man who was sick of receiving these scam calls, managed to trace the calls back to a call centre in India, where he managed to hack into their CCTV system covering their entire operation and catching them in the act.

What he caught was footage showing who these people are, how they go about their workday, and how they sit and make calls trying to persuade people to hand over their money to them.


We will at this point add that we don’t condone hacking CCTV – so don’t do it yourself if you know how to – but given these ‘criminals’ weren’t exactly conducting honest, legal business themselves, it somehow feels like a bit of justice – and hopefully provides an insight for some of our customers who fell victim to such scams.

The interesting part is that these criminals aren’t wearing robbers masks or clutching giant bags of SWAG. They’re just ordinary people going about their ordinary day job; chatting, relaxing, grabbing lunch. It’s also clearly not some top-secret dark room they’re working from; it looks like a nicely decorated, well kitted out office environment similar to what most of us will have been in at some point in our lives; albeit it probably not an office in India.

What we learn is that these people see this as a job. They don’t seem to be bothered by morals or honesty, it’s just a job to them. But it does show a different side to what you presume these crooks are doing. We’ve unfortunately had to help quite a number of customers recover from these scam calls so we know exactly the impact these calls have on honest people’s lives, and given how convincing these callers are in their scripting, it’s easy for even the most savvy of computer users to let their guard down for a minute and fall victim to these scammers.

Either way, these scammers certainly aren’t a replacement for a good, honest, local computer repair company (that’s us!) who can see you right without robbing you, so just think the next time you take a call from someone about your computer health. If in doubt, hang up and dial that company on a number you know for them – if they’re genuine they wont mind you doing that; we certainly don’t.


Feel free to watch the below video – courtesy of the BBC News – and feel free to share it with your family and friends – we’re sure they’ll be as intrigued as we were!



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