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two factor authentication

2FA is something you’ll all have used at some point if you use Internet Banking, but did you realise it extends beyond just protecting your bank account?
Read on to discover how, and the importance of having 2FA set up on your accounts…

With identity theft and data breaches on the rise we should all take the extra precautions when it comes to protecting our valuable data. Usernames and passwords have always been a relatively safe step when it comes to protecting your data, but with criminal minds increasing their skills and adopting automated brute password tools, usernames and passwords are now no longer enough to keep your accounts secure.

People may or not know that there is in fact an extra step that you can take to ensure you are doing your utter most when it comes to keeping your data private and secure. Two factor authentication (2FA) is a secure step that will give you the extra security that you need.


what is 2fa?

2FA is an extra layer of security. It requires you not only to input your username and passwords but also something that only the user would know or have with them. For example, you can set your two factor authentications up with your phone, meaning when you log into an account it will give/send you a code that you need to input to allow you into the account. The codes are a one-time use code and they will change every time you need to log into your account.
With this extra step of verification, it will lower the number of cases of identity theft or data breaches as it is requiring a one-time piece of information that only the user will be able to access, and any hacker in a foreign country wouldn’t also have access to your phone too.

With GDPR in action, adopting 2FA where possible is more important than ever; having 2FA in place helps to comply with GDPR and help prevent unauthorised access to systems and data, thus keeping your systems safe and secure.

A lot of web based services, which you may be using already, use 2FA now, such as iCloud and Microsoft accounts, to help secure them further than just a password. Banks also have been using two factor authentications for years now to ensure their customers have the utmost security on their accounts. Web based accounting systems as such as Xero and Sage Online are now using 2FA as a means of further securing access, essential given the nature of the data stored on such platforms.


2FA is hard to get around since to be able to get into an account you need the piece of information that only the user has. It is harder for people to be able to access your accounts since they would not know or have access to this information and will be declined access.
2FA can be put to the test when you are the user and are needing to be able to get into your account – try accessing the account without having access to the 2FA code – you’ll find you are going to have a hard time getting into the account without it.
Should you loose your phone or not have access to it for 2FA at any point, don’t worry as companies always have alternative backup measures to use in that situation; such as additional phone numbers, email verification etc.

We actually had a 2FA fight the other day on a customer Apple Mac when repairing it for a customer as we needed to restore their data from iCloud. We constantly had to be phoning them for the code – which goes to show how secure two factor authentications is and how much it is needed.


It’s definitely worth investigating whether any of the online services or systems you use support 2FA, and if they do, look to get it set up. It’s a simple, additional step you can take to secure your accounts that really could make the difference between them being hacked or breached. If nothing else, it will help put your mind at ease that all of your precious data is as secure as it can be.


Providing the service you’re using has 2FA available, we can help you set it up.

We can arrange to help set up 2FA – either pop in to the shop or we can arrange an on-site visit for a technician to set it up for you. It’s always worth ringing first – 01642 712393 – so we can check the service you want to setup 2FA on definitely supports it.



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