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Now you may have heard of Norton, McAfee and AVG in your search for computer security. But have you heard of ESET?

That’s right, ESET. No, not the Egyptian goddess (though the company is named after her). We’re talking about the award-winning, pioneering antivirus protection company that has been around for 3 decades!

ESET are a global brand with over 110 million users in 200 countries, so why have you never heard of them? That’s because ESET have been so successful for so long that they are able to rely on word of mouth and pure merit alone to bring in customers rather than paying companies like PC World to advertise or stock their products for them. They cover a wide range of customers and needs from simple personal laptop protection all the way to large company system protection. They’ve even set the record for having 100 VB100 Awards from Virus Bulletin which is an industry leading website and forum, testing and reporting everything technology based for you the public!


They have a brilliant team behind them; including their security specialist Jake Moore who previously served 14 years with Dorset Police on the Digital Forensics Unit specialising in digital crimes. ESET also work with some of the world’s companies; T-Mobile, TOSHIBA, HONDA and Green Peace just to name a few – Microsoft even use ESET in their own R&D Labs to protect their systems, so if you’re already using ESET you’re in good company.
What really makes ESET stand out, apart from their fabulous programs, is not only do they secure computers and laptops… they can also secure your phones and tablets!

Even moguls like Apple and Samsung have trouble making their products as secure as they can be; especially with scammers and hackers constantly coming up with new ways to try and trick us. The fantastic thing about ESET is it’s constantly looking for suspicious software trying to sneak its way in and will deal with them immediately. This feature is known as ‘real-time scanning’. Real-time scanning is always on and checks files for viruses in real time when they are accessed by yourself or your PC/laptop/phone. Updates are more frequent each day than the local buses, ensuring your device is always protected against the latest threats and infections, giving you total peace of mind.

ESET have an array of packages available all at affordable prices. What’s more, the multi-device licenses offer even greater value for money and they even allow you to mix and match a combination of devices so you could cover your Windows desktop, your MacBook Pro, and your Android Tablet all under the one 3 device license.

want to know more?

op in to our Repair Centre or give us a call and one of our friendly team will be only too happy to help. If you’re scared of the prospect of having to remove your current inferior protection and installing ESET; fear not! We can even install ESET for you on whichever device you’d like for a small labour charge!

Can you afford to not be protected?




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