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Printer VS EcoTank:

How does a regular printer compare?

Is your old printer tired and in need of being replaced? Do you hate paying high prices for ink cartridges?

The printer as we know it has competition, and it waves goodbye to the traditional cartridge.

While regular printers are great for general printing, if you have a lot to print or have had enough of regularly buying ink cartridges, the Epson EcoTank range may well be the way forward


How Many?!

Epson EcoTank printers eliminate the need for ink cartridges with their unique, refillable ink tank system. They feature an ultra-high capacity ink system which continuously supplies the printer with ink.

Regular printers contain ink cartridges that only give you a yield of around 300-600 prints, whereas EcoTank refills give you a yield of 4000-7000 prints!

With regular ink prices sometimes reaching up to £50 for a multipack, EcoTank ink bottles are around £10-20 with the high yield.

EcoTank printers do not dry out over time where as regular printers ink cartridges can dry out over time of not being used.


(There had to be a catch somewhere)

While some regular printers can be purchased from around £50-£80, EcoTank printers retail starting at £179 for the colour version. Whilst this is a higher initial cost, it does come with a full set of inks and it has a very low cost per page.

Is an Epson EcoTank messy?

Not really, no! Gone are the days of riskily pouring ink from one bottle to another.

The EcoTank inks have special bottles which fit directly onto the chambers found on the side of the machine. If you’re prone to accidents, Epson’s advice is to wear rubber gloves and place scrap paper under the tanks.

It’s not complex to refill the tanks so if you are careful and take your time. You won’t spill anything!



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