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hot computers: and how to help them cope!

Is your PC getting hotter than normal in the sunny weather?

It may be time for a clean out.

It’s not unusual for computers to get quite warm, they’re an electrical item working hard! But during warmer days, like we’ve been experiencing recently, there’s an increased chance of them getting a lot hotter as the components will have to work much harder! You might find this leads to errors, malfunction or sometimes may even make your machine power-down due to overheating.


Air in! 

There’s few simple things you can do to keep your PC running cooler at home. Avoid boxing your PC in with desks, furniture or boxes, try to keep it in a open area where possible. If you can, pop your computer in a room with plenty of air flow but away from windows bringing in direct sunlight.

Turning the PC off when it is not in use, or setting it to hibernate if you’re not completely done using it, will not only help keep it cool, it’ll also save electricity!

Dust gets everywhere…

Other ways to keep the computer cool would be to clean out the inside – you’d be surprised how much dust can be sucked up in to the PC. If you’re not confident, or would prefer for us to do it, we can strip down the computer and clean out all fans and remove all of the built up dust from the internal parts.

If you usually use your PC with the side off, it may be worth popping the side back on and using the PC with the case closed. Having the side removed can cause more dirt and dust to be pulled in to the machine and possibly cause It to get hotter sooner.


If you’re still running on a conventional hard drive, it’s worth considering a SSD. Upgrading the computer to a SSD (Solid State Drive) will keep the computer from having to work so hard when doing certain tasks and so reduce the heat created inside the computer.

laptops get hot too! 

Laptops can also get quite hot if being used on a fabric surface such as carpet or being used on a bed, even on your lap it can make the fans work overtime! Try to use it on a flat hard surface so that the fans can still take in air.

Having lots of component-heavy programmes running on the computer at one time can put strain on the machine and may also cause over heating.

If the computer is getting quite hot, it may be that the power supply isn’t working as well as it can do and may be time to replace it. We can also test your power supply and advise the best way forward.



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